He ara whakamua, he ara hou a murihiku i tēnei ao hurihuri Moving forward, new pathways for southland murihiku in a constantly changing world

Beyond 2025 Southland is the long-term planning workstream of Southland’s Just Transition Work Plan and the updated Regional Development Strategy (SoRDS).

The goal of the Beyond 2025 Southland plan, developed with our people for our people, is:

“Southland has updated its Southland Regional Development Strategy, which works towards a good life for all. The plan has strong community support”.

The plan, which builds on the previous work of the Southland Regional Development Strategy (SoRDS), has 16 workstreams within five areas of focus. Each workstream has a clear objective and its own bespoke approach. Some will have work groups established to guide the process; piggy back on an existing group or will facilitate the delivery of key research, data and insights.

The process to develop the Beyond 2025 Southland plan will take 18 months and will require multi-stakeholder partnership with councils, mana whenua, the business sector, local communities, other key stakeholders and central government.

This plan cannot address and solve all issues currently in the region. There is already a lot of work happening and we’ve identified who is already doing what, where the gaps are and the greatest value this process and plan can play. It’s key role will be to provide a regional view and context with a clear vision taking Southland Murihiku forward into the future.

To find out about each workstreams mahi check them out below.

Photo by Great South Net Zero Southland Image

To support and enable Southland Murihiku to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

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Photo by Welcome Rock Land Image

To prepare for and understand the implications of climate change on land in Southland Murihiku.

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Photo by GoreNZ Water Image

To prepare for and understand how to future proof water and water assets to ensure the region can prosper.

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Photo by Pink Penguin Studio Destination Development and Management Image

To review and confirm the sustainable pathway for the Southland Murihiku tourism sector to recover and achieve its potential as a key diversification opportunity.

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Photo by Videocopter Technology and Manufacturing Image

To identify opportunities, constraints and pathways forward to diversify and grow/expand technology based and manufacturing businesses in Southland Murihiku.

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Photo by Gore District Council Future Crops and Food Opportunities Image

To develop the Southland Murihiku future crops and food opportunity pathway

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Photo by Jeremy Pierce Aquaculture Image

Identification of what investment is needed to establish a sustainable open ocean aquaculture industry in Southland Murihiku.

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Photo by Videocopter Primary Sector Image

To ensure that the primary sector, in particular agriculture, continues to be the driving force of the Southland Murihiku economy and the backbone of the New Zealand economy.

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Photo by Air New Zealand Business Enablement, Capacity and Competitiveness Image

To identify pathways and support networks for existing local businesses to be innovative, remain competitive and create capability - supporting the positioning of Southland Murihiku as a globally competitive marketplace

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Photo by Sebastian Katzlese Future Energy Image

To understand current and future demand, and supply, of energy in Southland Murihiku considering immediate and long-term challenges and opportunities.

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Image by Gore District Council Housing Image

To support and enable development of housing within the Southland Murihiku region.

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Photo by Sam Deuchrass Transport Image

To ensure the region’s transport system (road, rail, air and sea) enables and supports regional growth and wellbeing, while understanding and planning for new opportunities and challenges. 

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Photo by Bruce Fraser Digital Connectivity and Data Image

To gain an understanding of the key issues and areas of the region that have underperforming connectivity and coverage and suggest pathways for improvement.

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Attract and retain people to the region by actively promoting Southland Murihiku as an attractive and vibrant place for people to live, work and play.

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Image by Architects - BOON Ltd Urban Culture and Development Image

To understand the interdependence of rural and urban communities in order to ensure a prosperous and aligned Southland Murihiku region.

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To ensure a joined-up approach to labour market planning which will see our workforce, education and immigration systems working together to better meet the differing workforce and skills needs in Southland Murihiku. 

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