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To ensure the region’s transport system (road, rail, air and sea) enables and supports regional growth and wellbeing, while understanding and planning for new opportunities and challenges.

Invercargill Airport


  • Transport is a critical enabler affecting social and economic development in our region. COVID-19 has shown us the importance of being able to move people and goods in and out of the region and this is key to the future resilience of the region.

  • We will initially talk to key stakeholders associated with the provision of transport in order to understand their current situation and future aspirations. This will then guide our approach and define our key outcomes in a regional context.

  • We anticipate that there will need to be consideration of the regulatory and funding environment, including the Regional Land Transport Plan and regional spatial planning. This will be achieved by working alongside mana whenua, local and central government.

  • In line with the region’s assessment of energy current underway and net zero aspirations, there will be a focus on improving transport efficiency and reducing emissions.

Key Outcomes

  1. Partner with key infrastructure providers to ensure there is an integrated system and approach to ensure the movement of freight.

  2. Support local government to investigate road taxation and develop appropriate business cases to support investment in bridging, culvert replacements etc.

  3. Provide substitute fuel options for heavy transport, rail and shipping.

  4. Facilitate technical investigation and research associated with the $5b Southern Green Hydrogen programme.

Connection with other Workstreams:

The principles of this workstream will strongly underpin the overall Beyond 2025 Southland plan with close alignment to the following workstreams: