Photo by GoreNZ


To prepare for and understand how to future proof water and water assets to ensure the region can prosper

Mataura River, Southland Murihiku


  • The focus is to support the work already happening around future proofing the region’s water & water assets to ensure future economic prosperity.  With this in mind, we are aware there is a lot of existing mahi considering how to achieve the community’s aspirations for freshwater, the significant legislative requirements as well as the collective understanding of the future importance of water for our region.

  • Innovation and local projects with the potential to improve water quantity resilience and water security, in both rural and urban settings will be investigated and prioritised.

Key Outcomes

  1. Support the investigation of resilient potable water supplies in Southland to support our main urban centres and large-scale processing industries as well as meet the future needs of new energy opportunities such as hydrogen.

  2. Modelling of a deep shale formation known as the Chatton Formation, with the aim to create a 3D model and validation with aerial assessments SkyTEM.

Connection with other Workstreams:

The principles of this workstream will strongly underpin the overall Beyond 2025 Southland plan with close alignment to the following worksteams: