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Photo by Jeremy Pierce Environment and Climate Change Image
Environment and Climate Change Emblem
Environment and Climate Change

Understanding the future impacts of climate and environmental changes on our land and water while also focusing on reducing our carbon emissions.

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Diversification of the Economy Image
Diversification of the Economy Emblem
Diversification of the Economy

Our rich and productive land allows agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, forestry and fishing to provide strong foundations to our local economy. We want to explore some of these in more detail, as well as some new opportunities like aquaculture.

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Photo by Invercargill Central Strengthening of Local Business Image
Strengthening of Local Business Emblem
Strengthening of Local Business

The backbone of the Southland Murihiku economy is made up of 14,000 businesses, mostly small in size and many owner operated. While we look to the future diversifying and decarbonising our economy, we need to support and strengthen our regions existing businesses.

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Photo by Jeremy Pierce Resources and Infrastructure Image
Resources and Infrastructure Emblem
Resources and Infrastructure

Our region can only grow and thrive if the foundations on which it is built are fit for purpose and consider our changing population, demographics and future industry demand. Four key workstreams will be investigated: Housing, Transport, Digital Connectivity and Data, Future Energy.

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Photo by Great South Population and People Image
Population and People Emblem
Population and People

At the heart of Southland Murihiku is our people. Continuing to support, develop and enhance the region as an attractive place to live, work and play is critical and three key workstreams have been identified to achieve this.

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